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Sint Maarten

This lovely territory of the Netherlands shares the island of Saint Martin with the French country Saint-Martin. Sint Maarten comprises the southern one-third of the island, approximately 21 square miles, and majors in beautiful weather, dynamic nightlife and the enjoyment of rum cocktails.

You typically won’t meet a border check traveling between the two countries on this one small island, but keep your passport handy just in case.

With a European history dating to Columbus and a native history reaching much further back, this is an intriguing place to visit. The people are largely the descendants of African slaves, though a minority with European heritage is here too. Dutch and English are official languages, and the people speak a creole dialect too.

The climate is just about perfect most of the year. Winter and spring are fairly dry with daily temperatures in the 70s and 80s. Summer through fall is slightly warmer, and there’s more rain. Sint Maarten is in the hurricane belt, and the storm season runs from June into November. Strong storms are possible.

Life is Sumptuous in Sint Maarten

Amazing weather, gorgeous beaches and posh resorts are part of a lavish trip to Sint Maarten. The local population and the visitors are relaxed, as you can expect in such a lovely spot. It’s an easy-going place where comfort, fun and adventure are the norm. Here’s a sample of the culture in Sint Maarten that you’ll enjoy.

  • Cuisine in Sint Maarten: The word is eclectic as the local food blends European, African and Caribbean influences to create delicious dishes. Gourmet restaurants, some with Michelin stars, are great places to eat in Sint Maarten. Smaller venues serve food that is more authentic, so be sure to sample foods the locals love.
  • Music in Sint Maarten: This is a melting-pot culture, so it’s no surprise the music is varied too. Caribbean favorites such as reggae, zouk, calypso and soca are heard along with the Western sounds of pop and rock. You won’t have to look far to find a place where live music is pumping loud.

Things to Do in Sint Maarten

Ambassador St MaartenThis small island is big on excitement. Here are the top activities in Sint Maarten.

  • Catch a Ride: Boat tours are wonderful ways to see the island’s scenic offerings and have a great day with family, friends or new acquaintances.
  • Catch Some Rays: The best beaches on Saint Martin are Little Bay Beach, Great Bay Beach, Dawn Beach, Guana Bay Beach, Dawn Beach and Kim Sha Beach which a recent reviewer said offers “amazing sunsets and romantic walks.”
  • Catch a Look at What’s Below: Scuba diving and snorkeling in Sint Maarten are among the top reasons active travelers come here. Bring your gear or rent it at one of the many dive shops in business.
  • Catch the Gaming Action: The gambling is considered quite good on the island, and there are several top casinos in Sint Maarten where you can play slots, blackjack and more.
  • Catch a Trophy: Fishing in the waters off Sint Maarten is outstanding. Fish for yellow tuna, black fin tuna, snapper, kingfish and more.
  • Catch a Live Band and Dance: The nightlife is Sint Maarten is among the best in the Caribbean. From resort lounges to small establishments in out of the way places, you’ll find a spot to mingle that fits your style.

Who Should Consider Visiting Sint Maarten?

If you’re looking for a bustling and beautiful Caribbean hotspot, Sint Maarten and Saint-Martin will not disappoint. The vibe makes it a great place for a romantic getaway or a memorable adventure with friends.

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