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Saint Lucia

Lovers of nature flock to Saint Lucia for its beauty, serenity and the wealth of outdoor activities. This lush island formed by volcanic eruptions features rich soil where flowers flourish and wildlife is plentiful. Beyond an outdoors dream, St. Lucia offers “touristy” things like shopping, museums and pretty good nightlife.

Saint Lucia’s population primarily of African descent with some Caribbean and European heritage too. English is the national language, but most Saint Lucians also speak a locally developed Creole French too.

The island lies in the southern zone of the Lesser Antilles in the string of islands between the Atlantic and Caribbean. Saint Lucia is an independent country with historic ties to both the UK and France. Its geography is distinguished by the two pitons, Gros Piton (large volcano) and Petit Piton (small volcano) that rise dramatically over the countryside and sea.

Life is Pleasant in Saint Lucia

Fine weather with gentle breezes on most days, friendly people with welcoming attitudes and pretty views of the sloping countryside and the sparkling sea make this a pleasant place to be. The culture is an appealing one as well:

  • Cuisine in Saint Lucia: The dominant West African cuisine is nicely spiced with French, British and East Indian influences to create something unique. While you can always find something you’re more accustomed to from “back home,” if you’ve got an adventurous appetite, you’ll discover a few new favorites from among stew chicken, rice and peas, fish soups and vegetable soups. Main meats include beef, chicken, goat and seafood. Potatoes, onions, celery, peppers, corn and tomatoes are prominent too. Curry spices are used liberally in many recipes.
  • Music in Saint Lucia: Music and dance are an important part of the Saint Lucian culture. Caribbean music genres calypso, soca, dancehall, reggae, zouk, salsa and compas are all enjoyed. Jazz music has a large following too, and the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival draws an international crowd every year.

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Things to Do in Saint Lucia

A rich range of activities in Saint Lucia allows you to customize your vacation to fit your style.

  • Hang Out on a Beautiful Beach: It’s the Caribbean, so the sand and surf are awesome. The best Saint Lucia beaches include Anse Chastanet Beach, Jalousie Beach, Reduit Beach, Sandy Beach, Anse des Pitons, Vigie Beach, Anse Couchon and Grand Anse which a recent reviewer called “lovely and out of the way. Very romantic!
  • Hike the Trails: The Tet Paul Nature Trail makes wonderful start for hiking in Saint Lucia. You might also want to check out the Pigeon Island National Park, Diamond Beach Botanical gardens, Enbas Saut Trail and Toraille Waterfall as good places to walk and hike.
  • Hit the Shops: The shopping in Saint Lucia offers a blend of cute boutiques selling clothing and jewelry, galleries featuring the works of local artisans and markets where fresh produce and prepared foods can be sampled and enjoyed.
  • Hop on a Boat: Boat tours, as they are in all Caribbean islands, are a popular way to enjoy time on the water with friends.
  • History of Saint Lucia-Take a Look: If you enjoy exploring the history of the places you visit, there are a few museums in Saint Lucia worth touring. These include the Pigeon Island Museum & Interpretive Centre, St. Lucia Fine Arts, St. Lucia Folk Research Centre and La Maison Creole, which is “full of interesting history,” according to a recent reviewer.
  • Hotspots-Take in the Local Nightlife: The bar scene isn’t quite what you find in larger destinations, but there is an interesting assortment of bars and clubs here. They’re great places to hear music, sip rum-based concoctions and mingle with travelers from the US, Europe and Asia.
  • Hold your Breath of Use a Tank: We’re talking of diving, of course. Snorkeling and scuba diving in Saint Lucia is one of the main attractions for active travelers. Outfitters offer equipment, PADI instruction and guiding services.

Who Should Consider Visiting Saint Lucia?

This lovely island offers a great Caribbean experience complete with fine beaches, gorgeous and accessible countryside and resorts ranging from affordable to world class. If you’re looking for an English-speaking population with an international flair, St. Lucia is a beautiful place to visit.

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