Willemstad Curacao
Willemstad Curacao


This sun-swept island with gentle breezes lies in the southern Caribbean, not far from Venezuela. It is a haven for scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, and everyone raves about the sugar-white sand on miles of gorgeous beach.

Whether planning a romantic romp, a family adventure or a memorable experience with friends, Curacao has what you’re looking for. The rainy season is October to February, so plan around it if you want a better chance for sunshine.

Curacao is now a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s a bustling island with a population exceeding 150,000 on 177 square miles. The vast majority of Curacao’s people live in or near the capital of Willemstad. The culture is a rich blend of West Indian, East Asian and Latin American influences splashed with Dutch.

Life is Colorful in Curacao

Diverse and interesting heritage combines with a love for bright pastels to create a land that is colorful in every way. When you’re not exploring the best things to do in Curacao, you’ll mingle with friendly locals and visitors from interesting parts of the world.

Colorful Trupial Bird Curacao
Colorful Trupial Bird Curacao
  • Cuisine in Curacao: As is true with all the Caribbean islands, food in Curacao has many influences. Here, they include Latin American, Aruban, Portuguese, Chinese, Indonesian and European. Favorite recipes include stoba, a stew made with papaya and beef, Guiambo, a soup featuring seafood and okra, fried plantain, coconut and peanut sweets and Dutch croquettes.
  • Music in Curacao: The local music starts with a rich layer African rhythms spiced with European influences such as Spanish dansa, Bohemian polka and the French quadrille. Since music is an important part of life here, you’ll hear it playing live on the beach, in parks and in clubs and bars all over the island.
  • Sports in Curacao: Baseball is the national sport, a favorite for spectators and participants. Diving is popular among the locals and visitors, and the gentle breezes are excellent for sailing and windsurfing.

Things to Do in Curacao

How much time have you got? You’ll find something fun, relaxing, interesting, exciting or all of the above to do every minute. Here are the top activities in Curacao to explore.

Peaceful Lagoon Curacao
Peaceful Lagoon Curacao
  • Plunge into Crystal Blue Seas: Swimming in the tranquil seas is a delight. If you want a great view of what’s below, opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving in Curacao abound. The shallow, clear waters and excellent habitat create ideal conditions for a memorable dive. If you want to stay on the surface, plunge through waves on a boat tour taken on a sailboat or motorized craft.
  • Play on the Beach: Whether it’s making castles with kids, kicking a soccer ball or soaking up the Caribbean sun, time on the beach is a big draw. The best beaches in Curacao include Kenepa, Playa Cas Abou, Playa Porto Marie and Mambo, which a recent tourist called, “a slice of paradise”.
  • Picnic in a Park: Shete Boka National Park near Willemstad is a lovely place to relax, hike, swim, take pictures and explore. It’s among the top things for families to do in Curacao, and couples love it too. A recent reviewer from Atlanta remarked that Shete Boka was, “an unexpected delight.”
  • Prowl the Clubs and Bars: Listen to local music, sip locally distilled rum and enjoy conversation with friends you brought or those you make along the way. Your choices include beach bars, sports bars, rock ‘n roll bars and a piano bar.
  • Peruse or Purchase in Local Shops: You’ll find great jewelry, shoes and clothing as you’d expect in a Caribbean resort town, but browse smaller shops for wonderful, locally made arts and other mementos of your time in Curacao.

Who Should Consider Visiting Curacao?

If you want to mix your Caribbean zest with Dutch flair in a place with warm days and low humidity, then Curacao deserves consideration. Bring an adventurous appetite and an ear for world music, and you’ll have a time to remember!

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